Kindergarten: Ready or Not

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Kindergarten: Ready or Not
Sun, 12-30-2007 - 12:52pm

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Remember that at this age, one of the most important things for getting ready for kindergarten is that learning should be fun. That looks different for different children. Be sure to watch for cues about what your child likes. Some 5-year-olds love to be read to, some are curious about what words spell. Some have little interest in reading, but love to watch TV and movies. Whatever your child's interests, first and foremost do read as much to your child as you can.

Secondly, talk to your child with excitement about what it means to be able to read. Reading opens up a world of stories and information to your child. Remind her that when she can read, she'll be able to read the text she sees on TV, she'll understand signs she sees on the street, and she'll be able to read and write her own stories.

Third, identify activities to teach your child the elements of reading that align with his interests. If he loves TV, you might develop rules about how much educational programming he should watch. If he wants to read, and is asking you what words spell, you might find an early reading program - hopefully one that's chock full of games and activities - to help him start to learn. If he is in preschool, you can also communicate the signs you are seeing to his teacher, and work with him or her to support his interests.

Finally, be sure to model the values you want your child to adopt about reading. Be sure your child sees you reading a lot, and talk about how much you like to read. Take your child to the library or the book store and/or make sure there are books at home for your child to enjoy. And praise your child when she makes any effort to read or learn about reading(or writing).

Oh, and one last thing - be sure to go at your child's pace! Try to ensure that your child has positive associations with learning. It's usually not a good idea to force or pressure a child to learn to read. As long as your child has positive associations with books and learning, the rest will come! Good luck. One of the most miraculous thing is watching your child learn to read - enjoy it!

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getting ready for kindergarten

Claudia Lewis getting ready for kindergarten