Mornin'! **QOTD** Responsibilities (M)

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Mornin'! **QOTD** Responsibilities (M)
Mon, 07-07-2003 - 9:03am
What kinds of things do you do in the mornings to help everyone have a smooth transition into the day? What kinds of traditions do you carry out? What is your routine like? How does everyone help to accomplish the goal?

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This question is very appropriate since I've just finished most of the "morning routine" around our house and am waiting for Part 2! hehe ;-) I wake up most mornings at 6:30 so I can be up with DH when he wakes up and gets ready for work. He is not a breakfast person, but loves his coffee. I am the exact opposite! After he goes out and feeds the dogs, and I let the indoor dog out and feed the cats, we sit together at the table and enjoy reading the paper and chatting while we have our breakfast/coffee. He leaves around 7:15. I jump in the shower and get as much of my beauty stuff out of the way, before DD wakes up at 8. Usually we get through all of the hair and teeth brushing, face washing, and dressing, in under 10 minutes. Then she eats her cereal (has to be Golden Grahams every day for the past several months) and drinks her oj, and if she doesn't dilly dally she has time to play in her room until 8:45 when we leave for preschool on MWF and on Tues/Thurs we usually go someplace else, to the park or shopping.
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I work outside of our house, but at the family business. I am also not a morning person. So I get up at about 7 (some times 7:15) and we all scurry and leave the house by 8:00. To do this, I chopped off my hair and everything that can be done is done the night before. Our morning routine is HURRY! HURRY! HURRY! I normally get a shower in before they wake up on their own. It helps that Mad (11/98) can do pretty much everything but a pony tail. Kay (3/00) needs a little help with the teeth and brushing all that hair. My DH works a swing shift so I really cannot depend on him at all and we don't have "coffee" together. YUCK! So, I guess we don't have a routine. LOL!!!


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Tue, 07-08-2003 - 12:23pm
I try to get everything ready the night before, like the diaper bag restocked, a bag packed or lunches made, clothes selected. I set the coffee machine on a timer. On the days I go to work, it's get up 6am-ish, shower, dress, go when the sitter arrives. The other days, I try to wake up before DS, run on the treadmill--then, since he's up by then, I set him up with breakfast at his 'kiddie table' and let him watch cartoons while I shower. Then I bring his clothes downstairs, change him, and bring whatever bags we need into the car so it's "set" to go. Then I go up and get the baby--usually have to bathe him, change his sheets, bring him down for breakfast, then it's often time to go somewhere.

It sounds like a lot, and it is! It's this way on weekends, b/c DH doesn't do much to help with the kids--or getting ready for trips.

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I wish I could call it "traditions". The reality is a lot more scurrying around then I like. On the best day, I have prepared the baby bag, lunches, clothes are selected, shoes are found etc. I get up before everyone else - around 6am but that will have to be earlier in Aug because my work day is starting 30 minutes earlier then. My hair is super simple and I am a no-make-up type so a shower and some nice lotion pretty much takes care of the morning. Microwave a hot cup of slimfast hot chocolate for breakfast - move bags into car. Once ready for the kids, I go and wake up dd - again on a good day she picked her clothes the night before and I help her get dressed. Up till now, she had breakfast at daycare around 8. Now with kindergarten starting I need to figure out a breakfast routine. One option will be to bring her and breakfast into my classroom (I teach 1st grade where she will go to kindergarten) and let her eat before her class starts there - she just does not seem to want to eat right at wakening. Once she is dressed - and usually back under the covers, I dress ds (22mo). I take each one to dh who is still in bed (let's not go there) and they kiss him goodbye and we go to the car. DS will be dropped at daycare and now dd will continue on to school with me - before it was leave both. I always take a minute when dropping them at daycare to settle them in and say goodbye - even if they are in a fuss mode I never sneak out - I will wait until there is a teacher available who can hold them as I leave.

Summer and weekends are a breakdown of all efficiency, we wander around, watch cartoons and generally move a lot slower - is that a tradition? Maybe I should at least create a weekend tradition of pancakes or something! I'll give it a try.

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LOL, your post sounds like my mornings! Only mine don't wake on their own, I have to wake them both. I need to get up at 6:30 to be ontime and probably 3days a week I get up between 6:45-7:00. So I know it is all my fault LOL.

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