My 4 year old

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My 4 year old
Tue, 08-28-2012 - 12:33am

Ok I need some advice from other moms of 4 year olds. She's my oldest so I have NO idea if she's on track or behind. She just turned 4 in May and is about to start her first year of Pre-K next week. Here's what she knows and what she's struggling with......


She knows about 10 different colors
Can recite her full name and age and knows she's a girl not a boy
Knows circle, square, heart, triangle, star, and can draw all of them except star
Doesn't know the ABC song but can recognize some letters and write some as well (she says the ABC song is boring)
She can write her first name if she sees it but has some trouble doing it just from memory
Can count to 10 about 85% of the time
Can match and group things by shape, color, and size or same/different (letters, numbers, pictures)
Knows "how many" for example if theres 1 pencil, or 2 cookies, or 3 pretzels

(I may be forgetting some things but those are the basics)

Overall the things I'm worried about are her speech at times can be choppy or hard to understand. Its usually only if shes excited and talking fast or not focusing on what she's saying. She has trouble pronouncing certain letters (S, Z, V and sometimes F). But this only happens with certain words, not all the time. She still becomes lazy and falls back on words she used when she was little if she was having trouble. She knows how to say it properly but just doesn't pay attention sometimes and will say it wrong. I'm not sure what the average 4 year old knows, or how they speak. I just want to see what some other children this age act like and do for comparison. Thanks in advance and sorry its so long!


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Wed, 08-29-2012 - 11:33am

It really doesn't sound like she is really behind at all, its really going to depend on what past "schooling" she's had.  If you have speech concerns, you can ask for her to be tested at the pre-k, or even your doctor can point you in the direction of things.  Did she have her 4 year old well child visit?  I use this general chart to look at "normal" milestones, obviously remembering that every child is different:

and here is a good link for "fun activities to promote speaking skills" if you'd like to work on things at home with her:

You may also find that once she's in school with other kids her age, she will fall into line a bit with them, change her speaking and speech a bit, not find the ABC song so boring, etc. 

Here's also one more link, sort of a preschool readiness checklist that is handy: