Nail Polish?

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Nail Polish?
Thu, 04-14-2011 - 12:07pm

Two-Year-Old Vivienne Jolie-Pitt was recently spotted with her fingernails painted a lovely color of red.

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Fri, 04-15-2011 - 8:48am
Heck yeah she wears fingernail polish! :D She's been wearing it since she was like 18 months old!! Mara is such a girly-girl. She's always sat super still and never picks or chews at it, so I figure why not?! Now, red is not my pick for a little girl-she's got pink, purple, orange, blue and even silver, sometimes we do them all the same color, and sometimes she has me do a pattern or rainbow on her nails. I've even got a special pen so we can do designs.
It's a fun, special thing that she and I get to do together-I really don't see what the big deal is.