Need help with B-day party plans!

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Need help with B-day party plans!
Tue, 04-08-2003 - 11:49am
I have a question about planning a birthday party for kids in this age group, okay actually ds will be turning 6, anyway what's the best way to go about it in your experience? There will be about 13 kids if everyone ds invites comes, so is it better to just let them play (we have a pretty big back yard) or should I plan a couple of activities? He wants a Crocodile Hunter theme, which has been a chore putting together, but I think I've got it, so I was thinking one of the things I could do was have the kids play tug of war over a crocodile pit. Probably just a hula hoop with an inflatable croc in it. And maybe water baloons, since it will be the end of May. Does anyone have any other ideas, or in your experience is it better to skip organization and just let them have fun on there own? I don't have parties for my kids every year, so this is kind of new. Also dd is having a Dora themed party a month later, there will be 6 or less kids there, but I'm open for suggestions on that one too! Oh what have I gotten myself into!!!!LOL


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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 12:12pm
Hi! We have done a pinata a couple of times, and it is really fun. The kids love it!

Also, you could do a game I have heard of - Make a big bowl of cooked spaghetti (cooled off, of course). Place a couple of little plastic toys in there as each child takes their turn. W/Wout a blindfold, let them go "hunting" for the crocs., or whatever you put in there.

Also, I recently had to do bridal shower games, and I did an internet search and came up with TONS of ideas. So you might try that - I know you would find stuff there - maybe even "theme-specific" games. I have 3 parties between now and Sept., so I am looking, too! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

Jennifer (sahm to DS 6.5, DS almost 4, DD 2 on Fri!)

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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 12:37pm
Go to a search engine and type in "Crocodile Hunter theme party". I did and it took me to various sites - some were discussion boards where someone was looking for ideas (like yourself) and others were sites you could order Crocodile Hunter supplies/toys, etc.

I would imagine you could do the same for Dora the Explorer. And maybe even use some of the same items for each party - as they're both "safari" related.

Good luck and have fun. Very cute party ideas.


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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 2:19pm
Have you tried the site familyfun? They have a 'party central' with a jungle theme and outback theme party. They suggest games, decorations, invites, etc. Games for the outback one, for example, include a scavenger hunt for plastic snakes and crocodiles (you could hide them around your backyard), and a kangaroo hop game (who can jump the farthest, though you could probably also just do something like a potato sack race). I bet you could also make a big crocodile face on a board where you have to throw a beanbag through its mouth (cut holes in the cardboard).

In the most recent Oriental Trading Company catalog (I think they have a web site too, "oriental") I saw all sorts of fun party favors--and a big blow up crocodile, too. Most things are pretty inexpensive. Like cheap outback hats, alligator "clackers" (noisemakers). Check out the themes on their site and go to animals.

~ Limute

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Wed, 04-09-2003 - 7:46pm
I would have some activities going on, but not too many. They like to group up and just socialize at that age too. Here's some suggestions. (BTW, do you have any other adults helping you out??)


Pool of crocks

Get some plastic crocks at the dollar store and let them get them out of the pool....with a fish net!


Safari hats from a toy catalogue are great! You can get tons of theme related stuff there as well.


Safari Hike

Get plastic crocks, snakes, birds, turtles etc, and scatter them around the yard. If you give them each a piece of paper with each animal on it, they can cross each one off until they found them all.


Snake Chains

They can make snakes out of paper loops that have different color snake skin on them, like wrapping paper, or tissue paper.



Two paper plates colored green, four ovals for legs, a head and a stapler. Put them together and make a turtle.


Sticker scenes

Get stikers of safari animals and such and let them create a scene


Play lots of jungle sounds in the background! =)

If I think of more I'll let you know. I'd have a few things set up for something to do during transitions. Good luck!!! =)

Janet =)

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