Need some ideas!

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Need some ideas!
Sun, 06-10-2007 - 12:36pm

Hi everyone! I have taken a nanny position this summer for two kids- Taylor, age 4, and Ryan, age 2. I am looking for some ideas of what to do with them all day!

Taylor is very feminine and girly and Ryan is a typical, crazy boy's boy, so it is hard to find things they both like to do.

I won't have access to a car, and there isn't much within walking distance, so I need some fun ideas of things we can do around the house/yard/street area.

Got any suggestions?
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Wed, 06-13-2007 - 10:48am


Ask the parents to buy sporting equipment (if they don't alreay have some). Balls, bats, mits, hoola hoops, child size basketball hoop, sidewalk chalk etc. Then start of routine of playing outside each day. Kids needs that and they need physical activity that can use when they get into school. Plus, it is fun for you too!
Enjoy your summer.

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Thu, 06-14-2007 - 10:10am
Try cooking treats with the kids. Kraft has a sight that contains an area for kids to help make food. If they have a kiddy pool get some squirt guns and you help the 2 yr old to play with brother and get him. Making watter balloons are always fun too. Take them out for a butterfly hunt or an insect hunt. Go on a bird watching walk.
Hope this helps