Oh my...bad behavior in my just about 4 y/o

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Oh my...bad behavior in my just about 4 y/o
Wed, 07-06-2011 - 1:23pm

Eeek. My son is going to be 4 on August 7 and wow, sometimes his streaks of tenacity amaze me in a bad, bad way. He has gotten where when I tell him no about something and there is a combination with him being tired he just freaks out on me. He'll start screaming at the top of his lungs, kicking, and refuse to do anything. Today it was because we left my parents' house. When we got back to our house he refused to walk into the house. I had to grab him and physically force him into the house! I sent him up to his room but he refused to walk up the stairs. I had to carry him to his room and give him a swat on the bottom for acting like that, but I felt like I was so out of control. I felt like he was the one in control. Argh! I'm just not sure how to deal with that other than to send him to his room and ignore him (in this case he fussed himself right to sleep). Is that normal behavior for a 4 y/o though? It seemed so extremely bad to me. This is the second time he has thrown one of these fits. The first time was about 3 weeks ago. Don't get me wrong--he has his temper tantrums-- but this is awful!


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Sat, 07-09-2011 - 10:06am

DD turned 4 in April and she started these screaming fits of "NO". She does it everywhere food shopping in middle of checkout, Dr's office,everywhere I can't immediately leave. I

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Fri, 07-29-2011 - 10:36am

You posted this a while back, but has something to share.

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Fri, 08-19-2011 - 3:58am

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