Paperwork overload to enter Kindergarten

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Paperwork overload to enter Kindergarten
Tue, 04-01-2003 - 3:37pm
I received the packet of papers I need to fill out by by assigned appointment next Tuesday (how nice of the school to randomly pick a day and time for me to come in and personally hand in everything! Good thing I can go then, which is mid-day during the week--what do WOHM parents do?!). It's about 10 pages of questionaires and forms. They want his preschool to fill out an evaluation form about him, the doctor to fill out a medical form, plus a 2-page tiny-print behavior and development form to be filled out by me.

Does it really matter how old he was when he first sat up? I can't even remember anymore!

And it doesn't make sense to fill out a medical form NOW when he hasn't even had a physical with his shots yet--which he will in summer. He hasn't had the last of his shots yet.

Plus, they just sent it, and I have to get the other forms to the doctor and the preschool (and the doctor requires two full days before they will return forms b/c they get so many). You would think the school could give a tad more time before I had to fill this out. Also, all these detailed questions about him--and our family life--feels pretty invasive. Plus they emphasize several times in the paperwork that if I don't have everything ready and completed and handed in--in person--that appointed day, he won't be enrolled in kindergarten for next fall.

Does everyone have paperwork like this?! This is a public school, BTW.

~ Limute

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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 5:57pm
You said it's a public school right? No they can't not enroll him as long as you are in the school district but they won't get everything ready ahead of time either. I actually enrolled Jessica (12/20/97) late because (was supposed to be in November) I just got busy with her bday, christmas and other activities. It wasn't till I met one of the teachers while working on a volunteer committee that I was told that I should do it asap because mailings were going out already about orientation and screenings and such. Yes I have a bunch of that paperwork too that I need done before 4/10 (her screening) and thanks for reminding me because I've been putting it off and need to get that stuff to the doctor. I am surprised they didn't give him the shots last year - I wanted them to wait on Jessica's because she didn't go to kindergarten in the fall but I think she got them anyway. I am sure the school will point out to you the shots needed as a result of that doc form and have you fill out another after they are done. Oh well, go with the flow and if you feel it's really invasive on the questions there is nothing that says you can't answer with "N/A".


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Wed, 04-02-2003 - 8:44am
Yeah, we had about the same paperwork last year.

The doctor form: My kid's got a June b-day, so we did that & handed the form in after it (WAY after KG screening!), that was no problem--but he wouldn't've been able to go to school if it wasn't handed in by the beginning of school.

Not sure how the preschool form worked; I think they send it to the school so we didnt see it? Not sure!

Yes, on all the paperwork. Heck, I can do 1 better: the developmental paperwork I have to fill out EVERY YEAR at daycare; it's a state reg. Writing down his daily routine when THEY KNOW IT BETTER THAN I DO is just so BORING! Though at least I do remember when they first sat, etc., due to writing it every year...

What else? Oh, that stuff is important to get a feel for overall development. There are parents (not you!) who ignore things like the kid didnt sit up until 10 months old, didnt walk until 20 months, etc.--valuable info if you now see the kid has any kind of motor skill delay...

Which bits do you find invasive? I can't remember interpreting anything that way.


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Wed, 04-02-2003 - 9:17am
Maybe were in the minority here.. but OMG , Jeesh and DOUBLE Jeesh. Glad I am not in NY anymore :O). Here's how it works here.. The Month of OCT is registration month. You pick up a packet (very small, it has things like Contacts, Parents names etc), you need to bring in Shot Records, A small form from the Doctor about you overall health.. less than a page I think, proof of residency and birth certificate. You have the whole month to drop off at your leisure between 8-5 m-f. Then you get a month later a form to confirm you accpetance of they school choice (we have a choice system here) and given a date for beginner's day (day when kids attend a mock school day and walk around campus). That's it.. no screening, forms about development, nothing for the preschool.. I find that very very invasive btw.. The first month the kids are screened IN A CLASS SETTING and you are contacted if they feel your child can benefit from Speech Therapy etc.. It is all very simple and non stressful. I think there was a ONE line place for you to fill out any concerns you have about your child or things they may need help with. The other form was if your child has allergies or medical issues, didn't need to fill it out if there was non.. So I think we had TWO forms + the one the doctor filled out and they were simple as heck..
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Wed, 04-02-2003 - 9:46am
Our county public school sends out paperwork that includes Health/immunization forms. When my dd#1 enrolled 2 yo I remember thinking that the dental card was the most unusual one. I had to get dd's dentist to fill out an assessment for whatever reason. The only questions about preschool were if they attended one & what kind (i.e. home or center). The other thing our county requires is proof of residency - something like a water or phone bill. I can't remember anything else right off the top of my head. My dd#2 will be enrolling in a year so I'll be about to compare the paperwork requirements better then, LOL, fat lotta good that does to answer your question right? ;-)

-- Ang


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Wed, 04-02-2003 - 9:55am
I don't remember getting questions about when ds sat up and stuff, that seems a little absurd to me. As for the shots, our school was pretty lenient about getting the records, as long as they got them before school started. You CAN make an appointment to get your ds's shots and physical now. I know my ped. was really pushing for parents to get it done in the spring, because they get overloaded the closer it gets to the school year starting again.

I don't know why your school is being so strict, but I'm sure they have there reasons. Our school probably only has about 50 kids max in K, so maybe that's why we could take a little more time. Good luck.


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Fri, 04-04-2003 - 2:09pm
It is such the pain, isn't it? It's pretty much standard forms for us, being military. I'm used to filling out books before walking to the park for a trip, LOL! Are you almost done with them, by the way?

Janet =)

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