Pooping problems

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Pooping problems
Mon, 03-22-2010 - 4:17pm

I have a 5 year old dd. She has had a problem with her bowels since she was born. She was put on soy formula as a child because she was always constipated and had large bowel movements. Everything was fine until she started regular milk. We reduced her to 2 percent milk and everything was fine again. She is off and on with hard vs soft. Well, the past week she has had really hard bowel movements...to the point that her bottom bleeds when she passes. I have been waiting for it to correct itself like it usually does and so far it hasnt. It's been about a week. Well, today, she had another large bowel movement and her bottom bled. It bled more than normal so I looked and you can see where there is a small tear (if you will)on her bottom. I bought her fiber one bars today to see if that helps soften and hopefully not make them so large. Each bar has 9g of fiber.

Question is: Is it safe for her to eat a whole one? Should I give her more than 1 a day? Do I need to put something on her bottom to keep it from getting infected or irritated? Is there any thing else I can do to make it easier for her to use the bathroom until her bottom heals?

Thanks in advance!

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Mon, 03-22-2010 - 10:01pm
Try using Miralax 1x everyday. It is over the counter and you just mix it with water or juice.
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Tue, 03-23-2010 - 6:07pm

I agree with the Miralax. Miralax is a stool-softening type laxative and is safe for long-term daily use. It helps hold water in the stool to prevent it from getting so large, dry and hard. Some other good stool-softening type products are Benefiber, Fiber Choice (with Inulin) and Milk of Magnesia. Some people respond better to one product than another, so if one doesn't work well, then try another.

FYI, there are two basic types of laxatives, stimulant and non-stimulant. Stimulant laxatives force bowel contractions to eliminate stool. They are often senna-based products (like Senekot or Ex-lax), though there are other types, too. The body can become dependent on stimulant laxatives, so they are typically for occasional use only.

Non-stimulant laxatives are the stool-softening type laxatives, like Miralax. They are not habit-forming (the body does not become dependent on them), so they are safe for long-term, daily use.

My 15yo dd was also born with bowel problems. She has been under the care of a pediatric gastroenterologist (GI doc) much of her life. She takes several laxatives daily. For *my* dd, there's not much the docs can do for her due to the root cause of her problems. However, you may want to have your dd evaluated by a GI doc to see if you can discover what is causing her problems with irregularity. There are a variety of causes for GI problems (allergies, tethered spinal cord, etc); if you can figure out WHY you dd has the problem, you may be able to fix it rather than have her have to deal with such swings in her bowel habits.

Since your dd has a history of problems with milk, you may also want to have her get tested for allergies to see whether any food allergies are manifesting through her bowel problems.

Another thing you can try with your dd is to give her probiotic supplements. Probiotics are good bacteria, like those in yogurt. Sometimes bowel irregularity is caused by imbalances in the health of the digestive tract. Because probiotics help improve the health of the digestive tract, they are good for balancing out either loose bowels or overly firm bowels. It can take a couple of weeks to see complete benefit from the probiotics.

Some foods that make constipation worse (and alternately are good for loose bowel movements) are bananas, applesauce, cooked carrots, white grain products without fiber (white rice, white bread, many breakfast cereals, etc), and dairy (except yogurt -- you can get soy-based yogurt or rice-based yogurt).

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Wed, 03-24-2010 - 10:35am
Thank you so much for your reply! I will look into the things that you have mentioned! I will see about talking to her doc about her issues and maybe we can get down to the bottom of it. Thanks again! It was a big help!
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Sun, 04-04-2010 - 6:46pm

I don't know if you've resolved this issue yet or not, but I do have a solution for you ...and having gone through what your little girl has myself, I can only say that I WISH my mom had known then what I know now.

Believing that there's never One Answer to anything, I still say that a BIG part of your answer will be (ready?) CHIA SEEDS!!!! Chia seeds are amazing, wonderful in every way. Fiber without requiring oodles of water to get a safe/positive result, easy on the digestion, healing in NUMEROUS ways, packed with valuable nutrition, tasty, NOT weird, exceedingly effective, provide high energy without the peak-and-crash syndrome, great for balancing blood sugar, GREAT for EVERY age.... Seriously, I cannot recommend these more strongly and confidently. The natural gel they form when soaked in water is brilliant in that it can be used in a jillion situations (e.g., in juice, in the milk poured over cereal, etc. etc. ad infinitum). Google some research on "chia seeds"!! You will be so relieved with what you read --and you DO NOT have to special order them or order them online from someplace you're unsure of. Whole Foods and similar stores carry them; and I hope you RUN to buy them.

It took me 55 years, a lot of painful bouts with bleeding hemorrhoids, and much more unpleasant stuff to arrive at this simple conclusion: The body WANTS to be well and function normally ---you just have to provide the means to that end (i.e., natural/healthy diet, fun exercise, sleep, nutritional supplements if necessary, and joy!).

Be well, you and your little one, kitara642000!!! And pay it forward! :o)