said goodbye to my sitter today :(

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said goodbye to my sitter today :(
Fri, 08-02-2013 - 12:43pm

So my youngest has 1 more week at day care but today was my last day doing drop off (have to take older DS to another camp closer to our house next week so just DH doing drop off and my mom does pick up) DS was pushing me out the door so felt rushed which was good because I'd probably start balling my eyes out. Will leave that to DH next friday. Still have no clue what I am getting her. Its been almost 10 years since we found her. My oldest was a newborn with a birth defect and feeding issues and we kept getting the brush off at centers (all of a sudden I show up with him for a tour and now all of a sudden there is a waiting list when on the phone you had a spot) but a family friend used her and loved her. We never looked back. She held older DS paci in since he couldn't suck to calm him down. Feed him with a medicine dropper the day DH forgot his bottles. Never flinched no matter what came up with him. My youngest didn't have the medical issues but like his brother in so many ways but he is my LAST baby so after next Friday this chapter in our life is over and as excited as I am for the next, I keep getting teary eyed. This is probably 1 reason he is still there at 4 1/2 and if she'd home school him I'd let her :)

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Mon, 08-05-2013 - 3:00pm

Ahhh.  That had to have been so very hard.  You get really attached to those who look after your kiddos.  And after 10 years?!? I'm sure she's like part of the family!  Hopefully you'll be able to remain in close contact with her for many years to come.  HUGS!