She has boyfriends

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She has boyfriends
Mon, 05-19-2003 - 7:32pm
My 5 1/2 year old daughter tells me she has a boyfriend. It is a boy from day care who is also in her preschool class. Today the babysitter told me she had her arm around him while they were watching TV. She also has 1 or 2 more boyfriends depending on the day. At first I thought it was cute that she had all these "boyfriends," most of the time I don't think the boys even knew. But now I am getting concerned that this is going to far. What do I say to her and how do I say it to let her know that it is not ok for 5 year olds to have boyfriends? Has anyone else gone through this and can offer advice. Thanks.

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Wed, 05-21-2003 - 12:04pm
It is nice to see that she has been in a household where love is shared. =) I would have a talk with her about love and what is appropriate and what isn't. You may want to teach her that giving hugs is OK if she has ssked to give one. That way it is with permission. Hugging sin't a bad thing. You could aslo talk about "boy" friends. They are friends that share the same interests. See what she says. You will probably have a nice conversation with her and establish your frst little "female bond." =)

Let us know how the talk goes, if you decide to give her one, *wink*

Janet =)

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