Should I worry about my child's weight?

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Should I worry about my child's weight?
Thu, 11-10-2011 - 7:32am

Hi guys...My name's Angie...

My daughter is 4 and she weighs in at 43 pounds and she's 43 1/2 inches...last year at this time she was 37 pounds...but I think she was only 38 inches...she's always been on the higher side of the scales and height charts...but sometimes I look at other 4 year olds and I'm wondering to myself if I should start to watch what she eats or am I just crazy...

My highest weight was 215...I'm down to 200 now but I'm only 5' husband is about 185 but he's only 5'7...Our eating habits aren't the best but we rarely eat fast food (the last time that Jaelyn had fast food was over a month ago) and I never fry food in oil...We do eat boxed foods, like she loves Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, but I make it with light I Can't believe It's Not Butter and I only buy 1% or skim milk...I try to give her fresh fruit with every meal, or at least a fruit cup or applesauce (but she will not eat her veggies :-\)...I only buy whole wheat breads and reduced sugar juices for her, though she does sometimes have full sugar items when she goes to her grandparents in the morning...she goes to school full day and since she turned 3 she's been involved in something (soccer, gymnastics, and ballet)...and if it's not raining I try to have her outside for at least an hour everyday...I'm trying but she's a little thick...should I worry or if she's a little chubby but still healthy is she ok?

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Fri, 11-11-2011 - 3:22pm
My DD is 4 and 1/2 years old she is 48 inches tall and 45 pounds our former Ped Dr said she had a weight problem. We took her to pediatric center at local hospital they did her BMI and said she was fine. DD was always under weight till she was 3 years old.Really Under weight she was in the 20 % for weight and 95% for height. Then at 3 years old she just got hungry. She doesn't like sweets but loves bread and chips. We keep it to a min as much as possible and no food while watching tv.
I also am heavy then I should be so I joined a gym and I take DD with me she plays in babysitting area. If nothing else to show her everyone should exercise. DD is in similar activities as your daughter.
If you are worried get an opinion from a Dr.
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Fri, 11-11-2011 - 4:45pm
You need to talk to your doctor about weight-related issues; I would never suggest a child go on a diet without a doctor's guidance.

I recently started my own weight loss journey, and losing weight isn't about dieting...not really. Not if you want it to stick. I watch what I eat, and make healthier choices. You mention a lot of low sugar juice and such, but what about water? My kids drink primarily water, get TONS of exercise, and eat very balanced diets.

Amounts are just as important as content. You can eat too much of a good thing, and do just as much damage as a little of a bad thing. Pizza, for example, is actually pretty good for you, but when you eat half of one, you are hurting yourself!

Activity that gets your heart pumping is key. Just going outside isn't helpful if you're not running and playing hard enough to get your heart pumping and legs moving!
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Sat, 11-12-2011 - 9:03am
Well her doctor said that her weight was ok for her height. Her BMI is normal, but she's in the 70th percentile...only 3 pounds away from what's considered "at risk for overweight"... She's very active though...when we're outside she's riding her bike or her scooter...She'll drink water sometimes, but sometimes I have to add a crystal light to it, she really doesn't like it, but sometimes she'll drink it because she has to, very rarely will she ask for it on her own...she'll drink it when she has no other choice (which sometimes I don't give her a choice)...

I guess I just don't know how to balance it...When she comes home from school and is hungry, I'll give her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, sometimes a whole one sometimes a half that a suitable snack? Or should I only give her fruit? As I said, I don't have that healthy of a relationship with food myself, but I'm really trying for so that she will, but I don't really know what that relationship is...I know that it's ok to have certain foods occasionally, but how much is that??

Thank you for your responses...