So... this is a thing?!?

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So... this is a thing?!?
Mon, 07-22-2013 - 8:00am

Remember their story of parents who spend upwards of $350 an hour to hire disabled "guides” so that the little ones need not be inconvenienced by lines at Disney World? Well now, parents in that same tax bracket can hire “recreation experts” for $400 an hour to teach their preschoolers how to play.

Or, more specifically, how to play nicely. With others.

Well, this is just crazy to me!  According to the article, some kids don't know how to just 'play' because their lives are so filled with activities and classes.  Wow!  How many classes/activities is your 4/5 yr old involved with?

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Mon, 07-22-2013 - 9:52am

Well if I could afford to hire someone to teach my two girls to play nicely with each other, and stop being so mean to each other, I"d do it in a heartbeat at this point, they are just terrible to each other!!

My middle one was involved in kung fu for a year at daycare when she was 4, but neither little one did any activities at all last year, I decided we needed one transition year for everyone.  They both did swimming this summer for about 2 months.  This fall both girls will do gymnastics lessons once a week, the little one will also do ballet class at daycare one day a week and most likely we'll sign the middle one up for an after school club.  She's already in after school care at the school, so if she can do a club while she's already there, that's fine by me.  But overall I like to keep the kids in only 1 activity at a time, unless its one sport and one musical interest or other hobby like girl/boy scouts.  The only reason both girls are doing gymnastics is the little one has wanted to do ballet forever and I promised her it this fall, but gymnastics is the perfect time for the middle one and I don't want to have to deal with the little one running around the gym not in a class for an hour while the other one is in class, and its far to go home in between, so I found 2 different classes that run at the same time for them both to do.

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Mon, 07-22-2013 - 12:45pm

Disclamer, will admit we paid for private pitching lessons for my oldest last year but but it was 6 lessons for $100.00 and he really wanted to pitch but with his ADHD thought the one on one would be better then his coach trying to run a practice and go over pitching.

That said this doesn't surprise me. Like I said we have paid for privates but also I hear commericals for much more expensive places that do similar with baseball and football. I limit activities to 1 a season (don't count karate because its also an after school) In the summer we take swimming at the Y, sometimes will let that go into fall, but this year he is doing soccer. Soccer will run into hockey learn to skate by a week. That runs through march and then tball in spring. Older DS just does the baseball and karate bit his baseball keeps us running all  spring so no time for anything else. Don't know how others do it with kids in many things all at once. We both work so guess we sort of have free help in grandparents who take them to practices