Thanks--re: ds'sT & A removal...m

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Thanks--re: ds'sT & A removal...m
Mon, 04-07-2003 - 12:32pm
Thanks to those who responded to my post (in the wrong section--under question of the week!) regarding my ds's tonsil & adenoid removal. I was going to schedule another dr. appt. for a second opinion, but I was only doing this because of the doubt some friends & family had. Like the diagnosos was too abrupt after the ENT only saw ds twice. I felt like I was possibly putting my ds through this surgery when maybe it wasn't necessary. But I only felt this way because of what our friends & family were saying. But I scheduled the date today, for 4/30. No second opinions. I know my ds well enough, and I know he isn't feeling well. I have researched the subject, and feel confident in the ENT, so now I'm just eager to have it done. It helped to hear what you all have gone through with your kids. So, thats my update. Thanks for putting my mind at ease, I hope all your children are feeling well.