Too young to read Harry Potter?

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Too young to read Harry Potter?
Thu, 05-31-2007 - 4:52pm

Hi everyone,

My ds is 5.5 y/o.

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Fri, 06-01-2007 - 6:31pm

I think he is probably fine reading the first one. I adore the Harry Potter series, and in fact, have let my kids watch all of the movies, even - gulp - the PG13 one, which I would NEVER do with another series. I would suggest that you read it first and make sure you are comfortable with it. This is what I did, not expecting to like them much. Then I got totally hooked! Who knows? Maybe this will happen to you too and then you will have something wonderful to share with your son. :)


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Mon, 06-04-2007 - 3:11pm
It depends on the child, actually. You can always try it and see how he handles it. My second child is much more capable of handling stuff like that than my first was. I used to think it was because of my know, the first-born syndrome, LOL!!!?!

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Tue, 06-05-2007 - 9:11pm

When I was teaching I read this aloud to my second grade class.

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