We're back!

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We're back!
Mon, 08-11-2008 - 9:23pm

thank you Jessica for watching over the board for me.

We had a blast on our San Diego vacation. It was hot and humid but still fun. The kids enjoyed the Zoo and Sea World. Lindsay took tons of pictures at the Zoo. She was trying to take a picture of the orangatans (sp?) who were behind a glass and having trouble. A lady with a big fancy camera told her to put her lens right against the glass and she'd get a better picture (something I'd been trying to get her to do). She listend and got a few good shots. Then she started making the big people move so she could get closer to a couple of them hanging out near the window in another section of the glass. She pushed her way in, which upset me but made the people laugh. An older lady said loudly "they're big, they need to move so she can see and get her pictures. They can look over her head." I was surprised because all just nodded and moved. She did look up and apologize; then moved out of the way when she got her pictures. I need to get those pictures uploaded so I can share them with you.

both kids enjoyed Legoland. Its a small park but I think Philip was at the right age and Lindsay was old enough to enjoy it and the rides she got to go on.

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