The last day of 2012......

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The last day of 2012......
Mon, 12-31-2012 - 11:43am

What special traditions do you have tonight?  Do you make resolutions??   I am still hoping to tackle my office-- but alas, it may be one of those things that I always talk about and never get done.  Christmas was good--  some highs, some lows-- but that's the holidays right?  I'm just glad that it's now looking forward to 2013---  for me, lots I have hope for-- losing my weight and looking amazing by August when we go to Vegas to renew our vows with Elvis (10 year anniversary).    I hope we can make good decisions going forward with the kids' education and if that means moving, then to have the strength and courage to take that plunge.  I pray for great health for not only me, but my family--    I pray for fellowship in that many of my bffs have moved in the past 2 years and I am wanting to connect with someone locally.   I'm also going to be more committed to ME TIME and also WE TIME and find a regular sitter or swappers.  Another BIG thing for me is to financial be more aware.   My GF's hubby lost his job in July and within 20 min she knew exactly how long they could live off of what they had saved-- I was amazed by that.  I am definitely NOT that savvy and WILL be this year. and spreadsheets will be a part of my life.

This year I am grateful for all of you--- my constant friends that I know will be there.... supporting and encouraging me, for this I am thankful !

Happy New Year !

p.s.  I love all those foodie traditions for the new year-- here's some links:  p.s.  here's the list of lucky foods to eat tomorrow !

AND a GREAT black eyed pea recipe: