Should I start PreK with just two days a week?

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Should I start PreK with just two days a week?
Tue, 01-28-2014 - 3:29pm

I feel like there are so many options (too many?) for the little ones. I'm looking at preschool for my 2½ year old (she'll be 3 in June so prek in the fall) and the options are 2, 3, 5 days a week ½ or full days. 

I'm leaning towards 2 days @ ½ a day. Does it matter at this point? I'd move her into the 3 day program for 4yos the following year to make sure she's getting more. Just trying to get a handle on it all.

Thanks for the input! 


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Thu, 01-30-2014 - 4:47pm


 I'm a nanny for two boys, ages 2 and 3.5. I really feel like its all dependent upon the child. For example, the older boy i care for started at 3 half days a week, and is currently doing 5 half days and is almost 4. He really thrives at school, due to his great social skills, and its great to see his increased confidence school has encouraged him with. And the younger one is starting at the same school in a month, when he's 2.5, which I think is a bit young, but he's quite shy, so it will hopefully help with making friends, working on sharing and writing skills, etc.