Questions about Roseola

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Questions about Roseola
Sun, 10-09-2005 - 11:35am

My 13 month old daughter has been in the hospital for a few days with a 103-105 fever. The Dr. suggested she had roseola, and told us to watch for the rash to break out. Well this morning it did. I know this is contagious, especially among young children. My question is... can an adult carry the virus w/o symptoms to other young children. My parents spent a lot of time with us helping to care for our daughter in the hospital, and then went away for the weekend with my 10 month old nephew. I'm worried there is a chance he could get this illness.

Thanks so much for your comments!

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Sun, 10-09-2005 - 1:28pm

I am sorry I don't know much about this and I cannot offer you any advice.


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Sun, 10-09-2005 - 2:51pm

My ds had Roseola when he was a baby too, though it was not that serious for him. He got it from a 3 yr old child and I'm not sure if it can be passed through an adult. I would alert your nephew's parents to watch for a fever. My baby book says that the incubation for the virus is 5-10 days, so they'll only need to watch him for a few weeks after your parents had him. Here's what my book says is the sign and symptoms to watch for:

Roseola "Sudden onset of high fever (103-105) in previously well baby, may cause febrile convulsions:fever decreases easily with treatment; baby does not act very ill, especially when fever goes down; fever breaks on third day; baby seems almost well, then pink rash appears on trunk and extremeties, lasting 1 day" *Note* "Very common cause of fever only in 6-18 mo old babies. Suspect in baby who has a high fever that goes up and down but who doesn't act very sick." *Home Treatment* "Treat fever, push fluids; don't worry despite high fever if baby seems better when fever decreses."

I hope your baby girl is feeling better soon!

~Brooke (30)
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Mon, 10-10-2005 - 3:59am

If a person is exposed to Roseola is can take up to two weeks before the symptoms will even appear so it is possible that either one of your parents could potentially have it and pass it on. Hand washing is VERY important in regard to not spreading the virus.