3 1/2 year old still having trouble

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3 1/2 year old still having trouble
Sat, 04-28-2012 - 10:21pm

Hi all. My daughter will be four in September and is still having potty training issues. We tried some when she was two but her little sister was born when she was two and a half and she regressed and we didn't push the issue. Around her third birthday we tried again using the naked approach, but all it meant was five or six urine stains on my carpet and a crying little girl. We decided to try again recently and have had more success. She will use the potty almost every time is she is naked and the potty is close at hand. We went on a roadtrip though and she had her diapers on for that and now she gets really upset when we suggest the potty. She cries and throws tantrums and says she doesn't wan the potty, she wants her diaper. This morning she actually held it from when she woke up for three house before she had an accident rather than use the potty. We set her on the potty for a little while after and she cried the whole time. When she was doing well before, I put a pair of panties on her and took her on a quick trip out and she was so excited about her panties, but she wet herself without telling me she needed a potty. I just am not sure what to do anymore. She doesn't mind being soiled in her diaper and will sometimes ever cry if i make her come to me to change her diaper. She would just rather stay dirty. We've tried the potty videos and books and she understands it well, but she just wants her diapers. Any insights? I'm close to seeking professional help here!

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Sun, 04-29-2012 - 2:27pm

Welcome to our board sbarnard03.

By the sounds of it,when you put the diaper back on for the road trip,it was a disposable,at this age,she just found out,that if you worry about her having accidents,you will use them and this she likes,as she doea not have to worry about telling you or taking time away from play to go potty.

Now that I have that out,one thing I do myself with this age of stuborn child,is to switch to cloth traing panties with plastic panties over them to help contain the accident inside and make things a bit more uncumfy for her,let her know,she can stop wearing the plastic panties when she is totally dry for one week.

If you wish to try this,please let us know the results after a couple of weeks,if she is still not getting better,I have one last resort method along this line.

Many Blessings to you both.