3yrs 8mths old refuses to us potty

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3yrs 8mths old refuses to us potty
Tue, 04-13-2010 - 11:33am

My lil one is so stubborn about potty training. We have tried numerous times before since she was 18-20mths old . We made the mistake of using pull ups instead of training panties . Last week she was curious again about the potty. We bought her all new big girl panties with her favorite characters on them. We began sitting her on the potty once she woke up , after snacks , and before bed time. She does not wet the bed during night thankfully.

My lil darling decided it would be fun to pee in every pair instead of when she was sitting on the potty. I am constantly washing dirty panties now . Her room smelled like urine so I had to immediately clean the carpet but the next day it had urine smell again. What should I do keep trying or wait a while longer? She does everything else with ease but this just isn't working. She really wants to attend day school this fall but they refuse to take her application until she is fully trained..

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Wed, 04-14-2010 - 1:57pm
Hello softballmom,As she is over three years old,I would think of going for the three strikes method I just suggested and explained to "taking baby steps."
Let her keep wearing her panties,but put plastic panties on over them,and let her know,she can stop wearing the plastic panties when she goes back to using the potty.
Good luck and if you need anything else,please ask.
and please,keep use up-dated on what you try and her responses.