Accidents after PT almost 1 yr

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Accidents after PT almost 1 yr
Fri, 04-09-2010 - 9:53am

DS is 4 years old.


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Wed, 04-14-2010 - 1:39pm
As this is not a medical problem,I would use the 3 strikes method I have used for years.
When he gets up in the morning,he is allowed only three pair of underpants a day,the first is a freebie,the second time he wets his pants,he is shown and warned that he only has one pair left and plastic pants will be put on with this pair,if he wets the last pair,he will only have the plastic pants for the rest of the day.
If at any time you find he has taken them off,he will loose his IPod for at least an hour.
I have found that most will want to be out of the plastic pants pretty quick,so will start using the potty.
One last thing,you will have to be consistent,do not hesitate and don't back down.
Good luck and please keep us up-dated.