Help with 3 yr old w/ frequent accidents after traumatic event

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Help with 3 yr old w/ frequent accidents after traumatic event
Sat, 09-10-2011 - 8:57pm

Hi everyone,

I live in Vermont in an area that was hit very hard by Irene.

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Hello Cora,welcome to our board.

While I have not had any children with this amount of trauma,I have had many regression issues.

One main thing to not do is return to diapers,this can become a crutch to them and take years to undo.

I would at first,talk to her doctor and see if he would recommend a few sessions with a phyciatrist.

I always started using plastic panties over the regular panties,or if she is a heavy wetter,buy some thicker training panties untill she gets a bit better,be sure to reasure her that as soon as she is able to use the potty again,she will be able to return to her regular panties and when she has no more accidents,she can stop using the plastic panties.

With this method,I have left it up to the child on how soon she wishes to go back to normal.

Now please remember,this I have used for miner set backs,and it has worked fairly quickly,but as your daughter has had a very severe trauma,this may last for awhile.

Please keep us up-dated on what responces you get from the doctors and her.

Many Blessings to you both.

cl mac