how to handle accidents

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how to handle accidents
Fri, 07-17-2009 - 7:35am
we just got rid of pullups last week and she did amazingly well and used toilets all over the place--portapotty, library, park, etc.--then suddenly yesterday she had two accidents at a playdate with a potty available and one at the park.

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Sat, 07-18-2009 - 3:20pm

Hello Rose.

Basically,she has found that as her panties will dry pretty quick or mom will change her,she does not have to stop playing to go to the potty.

I think it may be time to adopt the three strikes method,only in her case,the two strikes.

The next time you are going out with her,let her see you putting only two pair of regular panties and a half dozen pair of plastic panties in her carry case,if or when she wets or messes her first pair of panties,the next pair are covered with plastic panties,if she wets or messes the next pair,you let her know that she will have to go home in 1/2 an hour and will be wearing only the plastic panties till she gets home,and will be able to wear her regular panties with the plastic ones until bedtime.

I don't think it will take long for her to find out,that this is bot the best feeling,and will decide the potty is the best of two evils.

Please let us know how this works if you decide to us it.

Many Blessings.