I hope someone can help....(m)

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I hope someone can help....(m)
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 10:31pm

My ds is 2.5 and we started PT a little over a week ago. He's actually done pretty well and has the pee part of it pretty much figured out. Unfortunately, we are having problems w/the poop aspect of it all! He has only pooped on the potty (little potty) once. It was on day 2...since then, nothing...he's either not gone, or pooped in his pants. He knows he is to poop on the potty but says he is scared. (he's not pooped on the reg. toilet so it's not like he's been splashed or anything) Any ideas on how I can help him to overcome this fear? He is normally a once a day pooper but since PT'ing, this hasn't been the case. Sometimes he won't poop at all, once or even twice a day. I know this can lead to other problems so I'd like to nip it now, if possible.

Also, since he sits, he does have a problem w/the big toilet. He can't really balance himself yet and quite frankly seems a bit scared by it all. At home, we can put the ring/seat from the little potty on there and he's fine. However, what about when we're out and about? I'd like not to have to haul it around! I've had him stand to pee which we both are working on (aiming!) but we've got to deal w/the poop issue when he finally gets that. He really needs the shield too at this point cuz it's too much for him to sit/pee/get his penis pointed down, hold himself up etc. Ideas?!

When we're at home he does quite well. Actually, he hasn't had a pee accident in over a week and seems to be *night-training* at the same time. (used to wake up wet but since starting this, he know wakes up dry) Today was our first day *out* and back to our normal routine (last wk. was spring break). He had one pee accident & one poop. (poop i wasn't too surprised w/but the pee I was since he's done so well. I blew it off though since we were in a diff. environment, etc.) TIA for any insight! Shelby & Gage (just 2.5) I sure hope i can find my way back tomorrow w/all the changes!


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Wed, 05-28-2003 - 4:43pm
I have found that with my ds, putting him on the big potty backwards has really helped us with the potty training. He doesn't have the fear of falling in because he is not balancing on the edge. He is also able to poop in this position. This also helps them learn to aim since it is not too different from standing. My ds has learned to stand to pee, but some places only have a handicapped toilet, which is much too high for him. Removing one shoe is a lot more convenient to me than carrying a potty seat everywhere we go. Hope this helps.
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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 7:16am
It sounds like he's doing well, but I would really work on the pooping part before getting him to stand to pee. Kids that learn to stand, don't want to bother sitting to go poop. What you need to work on, is catching him pooping and getting him on the pot. Most kids have some sort of sign that they're pooping. Either making a certain face, stance or hiding in a certain corner. Get him on, even if he's 1/2 way through the job. And for now, I'd also stick with the little potty. You can also tell him, that he needs to tell you POOP in a loud voice BEFORE he poops in his pants, so you can help him with the potty. Otherwise, he'll be helping to clean up the mess. We made poop cleanup rather unpleasant. It was a cool washrag and a lecture, then they "helped" rinse out the poopy mess in the toilet. This way, it was a clear connection, that poop belongs in the toilet. Rather a natural consequence. He'll figure out sooner or later, that it's easier just to go there from the beginning then to deal with the cleaning up.

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