New here and need help with my son!

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New here and need help with my son!
Sat, 09-12-2009 - 2:37pm

Hi everybody!
My name is Jessica and I am the mom of a wonderful 2 yr 9 mo. old little boy. He is very smart and loves to be independent, but I am having a heck of a time potty training him! He's very stubborn!! I bought him a potty about 6 months ago- one that plays music when it gets peed on, LOL. He had NO interest. I didn't push it and left it in the living room for him to get comfortable with it. He would use it as a stool or a place to stack his things. After a while I could coax him to sit on the potty for a minute or so at a time with his clothes on. We would do this a few times a day to get comfortable. After a while, I would get him to sit without his diaper on for a few minutes by giving him a "potty ticket" (the boy loves tickets! i bought a roll at party city) and reading to him while he sat. We started being more consistent and proactive about a month ago. I would set the timer for 20 min at a time, but it was a huge struggle every time I tried to have him sit. I didn't think I should physically force him to sit there, and also he was getting ready to start preschool so I eased up a little. 3 weeks ago, he started preschool for 3 hours a day 3 days a week. He's in a class with 18 month olds-3 year olds, and I was told that he's one of about 3 who are not trained or almost trained yet. He will be 3 in November, and he is supposed to move to the 3-5 class in January. To do that, he has to be trained. So I decided to step it up. I bought rubber training pants and big boy underwear. I bought one of the little seats that goes on the actual toilet and decided to give that a try. I got him a little treasure chest and told him he would get a treasure when he peed or pooped on the potty. I started emptying poop into the toilet to show him where it should go. At first he really fought me when I put him on the potty, but I started reading to him immediately and he was fine on there. We usually sit for about 5 min at a time. In between he is wearing training pants (the gerber cotton with plastic) and night and nap time he wears pull ups or diaper. He's not fighting me any more, but we still have not had much success. Once last week he made a teeny little dribble and we celebrated with a treasure and calls to grandma and all that good stuff. Then yesterday we had a major victory- when he woke up in the morning he called for me and said "mommy, i pooping!" so I ran in, scooped him up and sat him on the toilet. He pooped! WOohoo! So he got a treasure and an m&m. We made a huge deal about it again. For the rest of the day, every 20 min except for nap time we went to the potty for a few min with no luck. In between, he wet his pants once but yelled "I pooping!" when he did it, so at least he realized he was doing something down there. I am just not sure he gets the feeling and connects that to going to the potty. He's been having maybe 1 accident a day, but saving all the rest for nap and bed time. I don't know what to do. I am happy he is at least sitting on the potty now, but other than the 1 poop yesterday, he doesn't actually GO on the potty! He's bright, but stubborn. He also doesn't get uncomfortable in wet undies or diapers. Any suggestions?? THank you all in advance! Looking forward to getting to know you all!


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Sat, 09-12-2009 - 6:00pm
Hey Jessica. I'm new to the board too, but I have a 2 yr 10 month little boy. Have you tried putting 'targets' into the potty? That seemed to help with my older one. We actually just threw some Cherios in the potty and the he tried to 'hit' them. He loved it! It was actually the daycare's idea.
I am having little luck with Riley. He wears big boy undies during the day, if we're at home, and he tends to go pee now and keep them dry. This sounds horrible and funny, but we live in a little bitty rural town and we let him go in the lawn a lot too,LOL. But it was just a 'moment' one day, I saw it in his eyes, that he 'got' it, kwim? He won't poop in the potty, and now were are starting to fight constipation because of it.
I bought one of those little seats that sit on the big potty, but Riley didn't like it, so he just climbs up on the big seat. I make him sit backwards, because if he aimed just right, he would pee between the seats.
Just hang in there and keep on trying!


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Mon, 09-14-2009 - 3:03pm

Hi Jessica!!!

I wouldn't get too discouraged just yet.

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