new here ... not sure what's up w/ 2 yo

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new here ... not sure what's up w/ 2 yo
Mon, 08-03-2009 - 3:15pm

Not sure what to do w/ my 26 mos old DD.

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Wed, 08-05-2009 - 2:28am

My oldest three kids never regressed after potty training. My youngest regressed several times. I was never able to determine WHY my dd regressed, but she'd have a couple of weeks of wetting herself several times a day, then several dry months, and then the cycle would repeat. This happened 4-5 times.

Some causes of regression: growth spurt, stress, infections, constipation, etc. If the doc ruled out infections, then it may be something as simple as a growth spurt tho' you may never know.

There typically IS more sensory alertness when a child is naked (or swimsuit) than when a child is clothed. During periods of regression, you may need to go back to using the methods you used with your dd when first potty training (such as naked method) to keep your dd more aware of her bodily functions.

Have the docs ruled out a physical cause for the problem? If your dd has problems with constipation, it's possible that her constipation has gotten worse and is putting more pressure on her bladder. You might want to ask your doc to order an abdominal x-ray to make sure your dd isn't retaining too much poop.

What are the docs doing to help your dd with her constipation? My oldest dd has problems with slow bowel motility (among other bowel issues) which makes her severely constipated. She has to take daily stool softeners to keep her poop from getting too hard and difficult to pass. Chronic constipation can be a real health problem.

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Wed, 08-05-2009 - 11:03am

Thanks for the thoughts on regression.

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Wed, 08-05-2009 - 5:13pm

Hello tlb-g.

I agree with momandstuff on the constipation issues,and to using the naked method,which is letting her run around the house naked for a few hours each day,so that she can see what is happening when she gets those feelings of having to go.

Many times at her age,they have found out that you will change them when they are ready,not you,so they do not have to stop playing to use the potty.

You might wish to try setting the kitchen timer for every hour to start and let her know,she must run to the potty and at least sit for 5 minutes,unless she produces earlier.

You should also let her know,diapers and/or pull-ups are for night and nap time only,from now on,only panties with separate plastic panties for daytime and when going out only.Have her wear skirts or dresses as they are the easiest for changing and saving the clothes.

I hope this helps,please keep us up-dated on what you try and her reactions.

Many Blessings.


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Thu, 08-06-2009 - 2:29pm

Yes, the naked method is just letting the child run around naked since that heightens a child's sensory awareness and keeps them more aware of their bodily functions. Although a child can't always run around naked, if you allow them to run around naked whenever they are home, it promotes awareness of bodily functions. As a child becomes more self-aware, it should help them when they are clothed, too. It's not a perfect solution for all children, but it has a high rate of success.

Another option is to let your dd wear training underpants with vinyl covers. That helps keep the moisture against your dd skin to make her aware of cause-effect of wetting herself, but it also reduces messes.

I am familiar with Miralax since my dd used it for several years. My dd also had problems with eating (sensory problems), so I understand that challenge. Does your dd not like drinking fluids, or why is it difficult to get the Miralax into her? Can you add a little Miralax to her prune juice?

If your dd has difficulty getting meds into her, I don't know how effective alternatives to Miralax will be, but I'll throw them out as options in case one of them is more palatable to your dd. Some other good non-stimulant laxatives (stool softeners) are Milk of Magnesia, Benefiber, Fiber Choice (or other Inulin-based stool softeners), and mineral oil. PediaLax makes a fiber gummy bear, but I have not seen it in my local stores yet to try it. We found a liquid fiber at Walmart once. I don't remember the brand name, but it was a bit sweet and easy to hide in sweetened drinks.

Before we learned about Miralax and other meds, we were using emulsified mineral oil (brand name Kondremul). It is creamy, less oily tasting, and easily disguised in chocolate milk. We often had to ask the pharmacist to special order it since many stores don't keep it in stock. It's approx $12 for 16-oz. We later learned that mineral oil can deplete the body of certain nutrients, so it's best to take a multi-vitamin at a different time of day. My dd doesn't seem to have had any ill effects from the mineral oil despite not having the multi-vitamins. She used the mineral oil for 4-5 years. Some people have had success adding regular mineral oil to a grilled cheese sandwich or mixing it into applesauce. Neither of those was effective to my taste- and texture-sensitive children.

Another thing you can try is pro-biotics. Probiotics improve the health of the digestive tract, often providing balance to either diarrhea or constipation problems. When we used pro-biotics, we saw a nominal difference after two weeks, but due to the severity of dd problems, pro-biotics were not enough on their own to solve dd constipation problems. Yogurt contains probiotics, or you can buy unflavored powdered pro-bioitics that can be hidden in drink or food (we used Nature's Way brand Primadophilus powder). Chewable probiotics are also available, but we never found a chewable that was palatable to my children.

As my dd aged, her constipation problems grew worse although I did not know it since she was still eliminating stool. We eventually discovered that dd had "Encopresis." Dd intestinal tract was extremely backed up with stool, and her bowels were stretched out from retaining so much stool. The stretched out muscles made it harder to push out the stool, making the problem worse. Dd also experienced some involuntary soiling as a result of retaining too much stool and having decreased muscle tone. In addition to the bowel troubles, dd experienced an increase in daytime wetting when her bowels were overfull (putting pressure on her bladder), and she was a persistent bedwetter due to the bowel pressure.

Dd was not diagnosed with encopresis until she was 9yo despite my addressing her problem with our pediatricians regularly. The docs had also felt/palpated dd belly but never detected that she was retaining stool. It wasn't until dd had an abdominal x-ray taken that the docs could see how significant dd problem was.

I'm a bit personally curious about the food allergies you mentioned since my family does have a history of "sensitivities" to food, tho' testing has not revealed any true allergies. My mom and siblings also tend towards IBS. My dh and his family always had problems with slow bowel motility. Testing on dd has revealed that at least two big problems for her are slow bowel motility and lack of sensory/neurological awareness in her anorectal muscles which alert the brain to eliminate stool (so the brain never signals the muscles to contract to eliminate stool). I wouldn't be surprised if food allergies somehow came into play, too, though.

Have you been seeing a pediatric GI for your dd constipation issues? Have they taken any x-rays of your dd (it was our urologist, not our GI, who first ordered an x-ray for my dd)? With your dd history of constipation, I'd personally want to rule out constipation as a physical cause of your dd wetting issues. Even if she becomes more aware of her need to urinate, it will be difficult for her to get to a bathroom on time if the problem is that her bowels are pressing on her bladder.