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Newbie to PT-Help
Wed, 04-15-2009 - 4:00pm

I have a daughter who is nearly 2 and 1/2 and we are just starting the toilet training process. To date she has peed in the potty just once. She will tell me after the fact for both urine and bowel and for a while had to have her bowel-soiled diaper removed right away. This has since gone away and she no longer seems to care. She will willingly sit on the potty but nothing happens, and this morning had a full pee just 10 minutes after sitting on the potty for 15 minutes. I have some plastic covered training pants which she flooded during dinner the other night and this, to our amazement, didn't faze her in the least. My husband thinks I have waited too long to start the process but I was waiting for signs that she was interested in the process.

I need some encouragement and suggestions as to how to proceed. Is she just not ready ? Today we were one with the potty, she sat there every 30 minutes; once, her choice, she sat for 30 minutes but nothing happened. By that time she had been dry for about 3 hours and I thought for sure she would pee. Once again, about 15 minutes after she got up she said "I wee wee'd.

Any thoughts and help would be greatly appreciated. I have no idea what I am doing !



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Wed, 04-15-2009 - 11:40pm

Sky, Hi and welcome to the Toilet Teaching board.

Have you read and watched potty training books/dvd's with your DD. Also another idea would be bring her to the store and allow her to pick out the underwear she wants, and explain to her that so so and so so does not like to get wet, they love staying dry. You may want to start with a rewards chart, stickers, stamps, or draw something with a market, and have her earn something when the chart is full. Those are only a few suggestions. I hope that helps. Please keep us updated on your DD progress.


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Mon, 04-27-2009 - 4:43pm

Hello sky.

ok,Christina has good ideas.

have you tried the naked method,it does sound like her timing is off.

is she using the small potty or the regular toilet with insert?the toilet can cause problems as her feet need to be on a step so she will be able to push better,sometimes if the legs are to high or low,she cannot get the force needed to go.

My favorite is the thicker cloth training pants with the separate plastic panties,this way,she will know that they can stop being used when she has better control.

I hope this will give you a bit of help.

Please keep us up-dated