no progression, getting frusterated!

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no progression, getting frusterated!
Wed, 03-04-2009 - 5:21pm

I have been working on potty training with my 2.5 year old for a couple of months now. She was doing so well the first month. She picked it up really quickly and seemed to enjoy the accomplishment. The frustration has come in the ensuing months. She has made NO PROGRESS. She can stay completely dry in big girl undies all day, but i have to remind her every 2 hours to go potty or she just kind of goes on her pants. She is also pooping in her undies still, I try to remind her over and over and over that poop wants to live in the toilet, but she just doesn't seem phased. I have heard not to punish or express disappointment or anything when a potty training toddler makes a mistake, but that leaves little else for me to do except remind her that she gets ice cream if she goes in the toilet. I am getting so frustrated. We have come to a complete standstill. I am beginning to think about some sort of minor consequences for going poop in her undies. I feel like she should be getting this by now and i am so tired of cleaning it up! She has gone twice in the potty, but thats it.

Anyways, any advice from mothers who have dealt with this would be wonderful. Any sort of consequences that have seemed to work? I have heard that negative consequences are bad because they can create power struggles or elimination problems, but NOTHING else is working.

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Fri, 03-06-2009 - 5:31pm

Hello Calimommi.

She has it figured out that so long as you will change her and she does not have to stop playing or watching her tv shows,then why bother.

buy about a dozen pair of plastic panties and after the first accident of the day,she will have to wear them for that day, (over her regular panties)if she stays dry and uses the potty ,she does not wear them unless you go out.

this is not punishment,but consequenses.

I hope this helps for now.

Many Blessings.


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Mon, 03-09-2009 - 9:07pm

calimommi, Hi and welcome to the Toilet Teaching board.

The previous poster had some great ideas. Another suggestion is have your DD help clean up after an accident. Have her rinse out her clothes, put them in the hamper/washer/where ever you may want them. Then have her get herself dressed again. If she is not comfortable pooping on the potty have her ask for diaper/pull up, and tell her that she needs to go into the bathroom and then get cleaned up as soon as she is finished. Then try and transition your DD to using the potty. I hope that helps. Please keep us updated on your DDs progress.


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Wed, 03-11-2009 - 5:40pm
I am having the same exact problem with my 30 month old son. He just does not want to go potty. I'm beyond frustrated at this point, and sick of buying diapers. I'm just trying to be patient and persistent. He does really well if I make him go potty about once per hour sometimes about 45 minutes if he just had a drink. He has only told me he had to potty a few times on his on. My daughter was potty trained by the time she was 2, so I was expecting him to lean as quick as her. Good luck and I hope everything goes well. Alisha