Not sure what to do.....

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Not sure what to do.....
Tue, 02-03-2009 - 8:46pm

My DD is 2.5.

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Fri, 02-06-2009 - 1:26pm

Hello Kellyh.

First off,has she been checked for diabetes or other medical problems?

Sometimes at this age,they have it figured out that so long as she wets her pants,she will get more attention and she does not have to stop what she is doing to use the potty,mom will just help change her when she is finished playing.

I would suggest buying about a 1/2 dozen pair of plastic panties to go over her regular panties,and let her know,she can stop wearing them when she no longer wets them.

this is not punishment,it is normal consequences of wetting.

I hope this helps.

Many Blessings.


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Tue, 02-10-2009 - 9:43pm

Kellyh726 Hi and welcome to the Toilet Teaching board.

When your DD has an accident have her help clean up. Have her rinse out her clothes, and put them in the in the washer. Have her pick out her new clothes and get dressed by herself. As the previous poster stated you may want to have her checked for an infection. Please keep us updated on your DD progress.