Only stays dry if naked?

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Only stays dry if naked?
Sat, 03-13-2010 - 8:41pm

Hi all!
DS is now 27 months old and has done pretty well mastering the art of peeing on the potty *IF* I put him on the potty. Otherwise he won't initiate and will just go in his underwear or pull-up if I don't put him on the potty frequently enough.

Today I decided we would just go naked. I was pretty sure that he would not go poop on the floor and had no idea what would happen with the pee. He did terrific. He initiated going on the potty several times. He usually uses the regular potty but we also put the potty chair out and he used that a couple times without even saying a word to me. He even initiated pooping on the toilet this morning. I'm so proud of him!

The concern I have is this... 2 times today I tried to put regular underwear on him (at his request) and within 5 minutes he dribbled in them. I don't understand! Is it the sensation of having something on that prompts him to go in his pants? The rest of the time (while completely naked) he did not have a single accident. Not even dribbling.

Any thoughts? He goes back to preschool on Monday but starts spring break on Friday and won't have school for over a week. I'm thinking I'm just going to keep him home and naked. Do you think this will be enough time to really help him get the hang of initiating?