"plastic pants"????? Where do I find?

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"plastic pants"????? Where do I find?
Wed, 07-15-2009 - 9:29pm

I've read some suggestions on this board about using panties with pull on "plastic pants". I've been looking for these in stores, but I live in a rural area and have had some trouble finding them.

I've looked on the internet, but there's so many different types, and since cloth diapering has become more popular lately there's so much out there and I can't figure out which ones I need. (I have freaking advanced degrees and this is just waaaaay outta my league!)

Please, could someone provide a link perhaps (if that's cool with the mods) to a place where I could purchase these things on the internet? Or, at least an explanation of what I should be looking for? I need probably a size 3T. My daughter is around 32 lbs, and just turned 2, and has had zero interest in potty training. BUT, after finding her last weekend in her crib with no diaper on, and a large "mural" decorating her crib with her teddy bear lovingly "painted"... well, I think it's time.


And if no one can help me with finding these dealios, could somebody hook me up with whoever potty trains Brad and Angelina's babies? 'Cause I'm pretty sure they probably hire someone!

Appreciate it!

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Fri, 07-17-2009 - 12:50am

Hello zippinpippin.

E-bay sells plenty of plastic panties for one.

wal-mart and babies-r-us normally carry them as well.

While as you say,cloth diapering is making a return to favor (Thank the goddess),it is taking a bit longer for the plastic panties to return,but they are making a comeback as well.

Due to this day and age now,you may be quite shocked at what you find when you type in "plastic pants on any server as well as e-bay.

if you continue to have problems,please let me know,I am sure I can help you get some.

As for Brad and Angelina,you can bet they would use disposables and have a nanny to take care of their kids.

Many Blessings.