Potty training SUCESS! :)

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Potty training SUCESS! :)
Thu, 05-09-2013 - 7:18pm

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to shed some light and logic on potty training. I just completed potty training my daughter at 22 months and she is now officially potty trained! Well, almost. We are only on day 2 and just fine tuning!! ;) She tells me when she needs to go pee and poo and we go to the bathroom and do it. I am teaching her now how to go on her own so I can get her in a big girl bed! My son was also potty trained at 22 months. He was so ready and so easy.. I couldn't really wait to get started on my daughter!! Hope this helps and feel free for any questions. 

Firstly, I'd do it as early as you are comfortable to eliminate any habits that might be more difficult to break. Anytime between 1 1/2 and 2 (ish) Kids this age are changing so much with their normal milestones and one more in the pot doesn't seem to phase them so much. (see what I did there?) Also, they understand! They really do get it! The entire association between the need to go and actually going where they need to go! 

Then, throw out all the diapers. Get them to help. Yes, ALL! Like I said, its easier to set the new habit without holding on to an old one we have to break after, right? So day and night in one go.. If your supplies are low, throw them in the garbage (get them to say bye bye).. If there are too many to 'waste', put them in a plastic bag and get someone to pick them up. No temptations to go back.. You have made a decision, stick to it because its going to work!!

Here is how it worked.. During the day, I put my child in awesome underpants! Thats right, TOTALLY AWESOME UNDIES! Make them feel proud and special in their big boy or girl pants. Then, tell them ALL DAY LONG to let you know if they need to pee or poo. When they do, (and you've gotta keep an eagle eye on it for at least the first day before you can trust them not to have an accident) scoop them up and put them in the potty. Make sure you have loads of clean, dry underwear as you will need it. If a drop goes in.... POTTY PARTY!!!! Honestly, go over the top. Bubbles blowing, dancing, reward chart, praise.. the whole deal (and if you chose to, a reward like a candy) They will think you are nuts maybe but they will catch on. Going potty is really awesome!

If nothing goes in at first, change the undies and get back to it. Seriously, after two or three accidents (and accidents are the key to learning so give loads of fluids for faster learning) they will slowly get the understanding of what is happening to them. Once they know, and you scoop them up every time to go potty, they will get it. They will associate the 'feeling' to going pee or poo right down to the potty. Plus, they may need to hurry to the bathroom which will help them develop skills of 'holding it'.

Keep asking them to TELL you. Dont set a timer or sit them on the potty with an iPad or a book. This will just make them dependent on you to remind them and you'll never get peace and quiet at the next bbq you go to! Teach them from day 1 that they tell you and they will hold longer and longer before your very eyes.. Well, mine did!

So.. night time. Thats a good one. If your child is waking up in the morning with a dry diaper, then you have no problem. Just try to wake up before him/her so you can get them out of the crib! Otherwise, put them in a big bed and teach them to come get you. (double ouch!) If your child is obviously peeing once or twice then set yourself a bed up in the childs room or just outside to listen when they wake to help them. If they have an accident, place them on the potty while you change the bed quickly. My boy was night trained before I took the day diaper off. My girl - well, she wets the bed in her sleep but now understanding to wake me because she doesn't like it. I am sleeping with her for the next few nights and cutting down her late afternoon fluids now we are almost there! Big girl bed a little later! Fingers crossed!

Anyway.. I hope you enjoyed. I'd love some further tips from other mothers (that do NOT cost money) and if you found my late night ranting a little hard to understand, it is because I am from Europe! heheh!

Lots of luck to you all and happy training! Please comment and drop some hints. I have so many friends who have followed me on this and its proven stress free, fun and fast. Off to bed to offer support to my little one!


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Sat, 05-11-2013 - 5:48pm

Hello Emma,welcome to our board.

This is great news,it is always nice to get success stories like this.

thank you.


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Mon, 05-13-2013 - 2:07pm

Congrats! I could totally feel your happiness and relief through your words! Smile