refusal to sit on!!!

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refusal to sit on!!!
Tue, 07-21-2009 - 10:06am

Im looking for advice on potty training.

I started potty training my son when he was 6 month old.

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Wed, 07-22-2009 - 4:55pm

Hello qawsedr.

what has happened here is that he has found out (at daycare),that he does not have to stop playing to use the potty,when he is ready,they will change his diaper and go about his business.

In my case,I would start using thicker cloth training pants and plastic pants during the day,as soon as he gets up in the morning,take off his diaper,clean him up,(if possible)let him run around the house for a couple of hours,so he can get used to what is really happening when he gets those feelings.

I do not know if his daycare will allow you to send him in the cloth and plastic,but if not,send him in pull-ups( not my favorite)but some will only allow them.

When he gets home,change him back into the thick cloth pants and when he has an accident in them,take him to the bathtub,strip him down,and slowly clean him up with cool (not cold ) water,telling him,if he had used the potty,he would be playing now.

Don't worry,he will remember the old ideas,just needs the reminder.

Please keep us up-dated on what you try and his reactions.

Many Blessings.