Taking the Plunge!

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Taking the Plunge!
Sun, 08-02-2009 - 10:45am

My daughter turned three in May, and I didn't feel she was physicaly ready to Potty Train. She is just over 24 lbs, and is delayed for her age, though she is catching up. With all the gains in her development, I decided that we need to start potty training. I told her all week that on Saturday we would start wearing big girl underwear. I bought a box and filled it with toys and stickers. I am putting her on the potty every hour or so, and if she goes potty she gets a toy and we do the dance and clap. She loves the whole process. She loves sitting on the potty and is excited when she goes potty. She loves wiping and washing her hands and flushing. And of course she loves picking out her potty prize! The problem that I am having,

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Sun, 08-02-2009 - 1:01pm

Welcome cemcloud.

Initiating ( telling you ) is the last part of potty training,If you are using disposable diapers or pull-ups,she probably does not feel when she goes.

At this age,I would not go directly to "big girl panties",start with setting the kitchen timer for every hour and have her run to the potty when it goes off( race her if this is ok),You can also go with the naked method for a few hours each day so she will be able to associate the action of going with the feelings.

Then get some thicker cloth training pants with plastic panties,( I only use the separate pairs as they last longer),for daytime use,diapers or pull-ups for night time only if needed.

It does look like she is well ready and may not take long at all.

Please keep us up-dated.

Many Blessings.