Uninterested at 3 y/o???

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Uninterested at 3 y/o???
Fri, 06-26-2009 - 7:31am

Hello. I am hopeful that someone here can give me some insight or suggestions. My twins turned 3 last month. They are not potty trained at all. We have had hit or miss successes with one or both of them using the potty here and there but no real progress. I have tried many things and nothing seems to work.

They are still in disposable diapers and occasionally a pull up. I have tried putting them in cotton underpants (the thick 'trainer' kind) but they just use them like a diaper. Usually if I put them in underpants, I will keep asking them if they need to use the potty. They just say 'I don't want to' and pee/poop in the underpants.

To some extent, I feel like part of it is because they know that I want them to use the potty and the resistance is part of the natural and age-appropriate defiance that three-year olds often exhibit.

They only time that they do seem interested or express a desire is when we are out. They love to go in public restrooms. Sometimes they are successful using the toilet in these situations, sometimes they just sit on the potty and then want to wash their hands (and throw soap and water all over). We also have a one year old, so you can imagine that me, two 3-y/olds and a 1-y/old in the public restroom is quite a scene.

Thanks for reading this long post! I welcome any input, insight or suggestions.

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