Bowel Movements Post Roadblock to Potty

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Bowel Movements Post Roadblock to Potty
Mon, 05-24-2010 - 9:30am

Some children move to the next step in development on their own, while others may need a little "push" towards the next level. Your daughter will probably develop a desire to use the toilet in the next six months, but if you feel it is time, let your daughter know that you believe she is "just about ready" for this change. Tell her that in a few months she will be a "big girl". At least "big enough" to use the toilet for her bowel movements.

Have faith in her to learn this process of "growing up" and communicate this belief to her in patient terms. Mention to her that in the next year she will be making her way to becoming four years old! At that time you are certain she will be comfortable on the toilet. This is the time she is preparing to be four.

It is possible that you may ask her to "practice" so that she will be "ready" to be "bigger". Assist her on the toilet. Use one of the children's toilet seats that fits on top of the regular toilet, rather than a smaller potty. Many children do not become fully trained until they use the "big" potty. If you have not been using an adjustable seat, this may be the additional help she needs to feel secure in making the transition to the "big" potty. Do not push her past her level of comfort. Simply support her by believing in her and making the idea of using the toilet a positive one.

Giving up the "little potty" for the "big" one is similar to helping a child adjust to the change from a crib to a bed. You would not put your child in a double sized bed, but a child's bed. Likewise, she needs the security of a smaller seat adjustment on the "big" toilet. These smaller child adjustable toilet seats also come in different colors and designs.

Take her to the store and involve her in choosing her new toilet seat. Cartoon characters like bugs bunny or tweety are possibilities. The fact that these seats are her size and fit on a big toilet, should easily support your belief that she is becoming "big enough" for the toilet very soon!