2 yr old won't stay in bed!!!!

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2 yr old won't stay in bed!!!!
Wed, 09-01-2010 - 4:32pm


Our 2 year old son's sleep has just gotten awful! My son always keeps us on our toes, and has thrown us sleeping curve balls before, but this is the worst by far. A few weeks ago while on vacation, he learned to climb out of the Pack and Play. When we returned back home, he quickly made the connection and started climbing out of his crib. Once he would go to sleep, he would stay asleep for the night, but nap and bedtime became a huge struggle because he would climb out of the crib everytime we put him in. One time I literally put him back in his crib about 20 times before I just gave up and skipped nap (which he desperately needs!). We've tried everything - being stern, not engaging with him, soothing him, etc. Nothing works. We talked to the doctor and she recommended going to a big boy bed, mainly because of safety concerns. So - we bought fun new bedding with trains, a new train blanket, made a HUGE deal out of the big boy bed. He was thrilled with it, but we are still having problems. Bedtime has become a huge fight and I just don't know what to do. We have always had a routine - bath, stories, song, bed - and an early bedtime - 7:30pm. We are very consistent. My son is very energetic and passionate (translate: temper) so he really puts up a fight. I just don't know what to do and feel powerless because we can't keep him in bed. To top it off, last night, he woke at 4am and ran into my room and got right in bed with me!!! He's never slept in our bed. After about 5 minutes, I took him back to his bed and he was fine until I walked out of the room. DH had to then go in and sooth him again. It's crazy and I have no idea what to do. He's not getting enough sleep either. Any advice???

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Fri, 09-03-2010 - 10:59am


The transition from crib to toddler bed can be a difficult one for sure.

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