3 year old very needy after arrival of baby. NEED advice

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3 year old very needy after arrival of baby. NEED advice
Fri, 10-07-2011 - 10:08am

My son will turn three in just a few weeks.

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Hi there!

First, congratulations on the birth of your sweet little one!

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I know it is hard not to get frustrated...but I always compare my 3 yo to a little puppy. A puppy forgets that you just spent 30 minutes playing a game with them. Soon as that game is done, the puppy wants your attention again. A 3 yo is the same way. No matter HOW MUCH attention you give your 3 yo, he will want more. My 3 yo is always asking me to play, and the second i stop playing to do a chore, he makes me feel like a rotten parent. So rest assured , you are not alone with a needy 3 yo. My biggest advice though is two-fold. 1)during your pumping/feeding sessions with the new baby, leave the TV off/no books either and spend quality time wiht the 3 yo. have him sit next to you coloring, read him a book, play a game, etc. My 2nd tip is to do what you are doing and really encourage 15 minutes at a time of alone playing . I'm a big fan of a reward chart, so maybe make a sticker chart (or give an M&M) and each time your LO survives 15 minutes in a room with you without being needy/clinging, reward him. It might help!

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