3 yr old and a potty chair?!?

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3 yr old and a potty chair?!?
Sun, 10-02-2011 - 9:46am
I have a wonderful 10 yr old and a precious 3 yr old. My three yr old is a little behind (mostly on my opinion based on my other son's progress). His 2-3rd yr of life was full of hospital stays, multiple pneumonias, and medical procedures. The child nearly died a couple times. He is now mostly potty trained, he rarely has an accident at night. Doesn't usually hv accidents during the day unless he is really busy. He usually has a little bm on his pants before he runs to the bathroom to finish. He is a work in progress.
We just found out we are pregnant again. A few days ago we were going through all the baby stuff we still hv and found his potty chair. My 3 yr old is obviously intrigued as he has started using the potty chair again. He goes to the bathroom, dumps it out, cleans in up and goes on. He has even stopped hving bm accidents the last couple days because he is excited to use the potty again.
I hv no idea what to do. On one hand he is not hving accidents and seems excited to use the potty chair again. On the other hand, is it weird to hv a 3 yr old using a potty chair?
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Mon, 10-03-2011 - 6:57pm
I don't think it is weird at all for a 3 yr old to be using a potty chair. In fact, most little boys I know trained between the ages of 3 and 4. I say give it a go! If his accidents have stopped and he's excited to use the chair, go with it! He won't use the chair forever and I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon. Good luck!

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Mon, 10-10-2011 - 11:45pm

What's weird about it?

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Tue, 10-11-2011 - 11:43am
I agree, not weird at all. The big toilet is BIG and not as comfy for them. I don't see a problem with using a potty seat, especially if your LO can use the big toilet in case there is no potty chair available.

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