3yr taking clothing off at night

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3yr taking clothing off at night
Tue, 11-17-2009 - 9:12pm
Hi all .... I have a 3yr old .. he just turned three last month. Anywho as of late.. last month he has taken his clothes off in the night. If he was potty trained I wouldn't be going crazy ... however lil man is still in process of potty training. He doesn't do it every night.. I say 2-3 a week. Last night I walked passed his room at 12am and there he was naked as a jaybird and sleeping so I got him dressed and told him .. you have to keep your clothes on... and he said sorry mommy and and I kissed him and that was it. Then at 3am i woke up (used the bathroom) and i checked on him and there he was .. naked and peed the bed. Not that i don't LOVE doing laundry at 3am .... but i do have to get up at 6am to get to work ..

Any thoughts and suggestions ?

My only thought is that he is doing this to sleep in our bed ? He knows that he will get into mami&daddy's bed. but he is removing clothing when he is fast asleep.

I know he is not hot .. We live in Chicago and it is COLD but i was like lets try the "hot" factor and got him down to some cotton bottoms and a white t-shirt... still naked as can be.....
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Sat, 11-21-2009 - 8:14pm
We have this problem with DD. She has grown out of it pretty much but still does it sometimes. She is almost potty trained still wets her bed at night. We put her in a sleep sack for toddlers and we put it on backwards. We use to put her zip up pjs on backwards but she still could get out of some pjs. The sleep sac was much tougher for her.
So try either zip pjs or a sleep sac backwards.
Good Luck
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Sun, 11-22-2009 - 7:33pm
Logan did that last year periodically as well - but thankfully he would *usually* keep his pulls up on. If he took those off too, I'd slide them back without waking him and it seemed to do the trick. Logan hasn't taken off his clothes for a long time though... so maybe its just a short lived stage?

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Mon, 11-30-2009 - 7:16pm
My 2.5 DD does this and we have pretty much stopped it by bribery :) I started a "Diaper Chart". When she wakes up in the morning or after a nap she gets one sticker for keeping her clothes and diaper on and one for not peeing in the bed. So even if the diaper comes off she has to not pee to get a sticker. I remind her as I walk out of the room that her clothes and diaper stay...."ON" she says. She still has moments but it has helped A LOT. Good luck!