Advice on starting 3 yo in day care??

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Advice on starting 3 yo in day care??
Tue, 04-08-2003 - 12:19pm

I've been a SAHM since my son was born and I'm considering going back to work full time. My ds, who will be 3 in June, will have to be in dc M-F 8:00-5:20.

He has been at a DC (that I'm very happy with) for a couple half days and one full day, to slowly introduce him to the new surroundings and see how he will handle DC. So far he had been fine during the day and happy when I pick him up.

I'm concerned on how to start the M-F routine.

Sould I bite the bullet and start him off full time right away?

Or should I ask my boss if I can start out only 3 days a week for the first couple weeks....

Or should I start out working M-F but leaving work early to pick him up at 3 or 4?

Any advice, especially if you've experienced a simular situtation...would be appreciated!


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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 2:04pm
If he can handle being away from you then I see no problem with starting full time. If your son has a hard time being away from you then maybe try it part time for a while. Some kids have a really hard time with change. But if he's getting use to it now and he his doing ok with it then i'm sure he'll do fine full time. My ds is so great with change. My neice the same age can't deal with it at all. She has probelms being away from my MIL (who raises her) for even a few minutes. So it all depends on how your son deals with change.


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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 4:24pm
If you have an understanding boss, I'd try the three to four day thing. If not, just dive right in. She'll be fine. There are many activities throughout the day to give her the chance to keep her mind busy so she won't dwell for more than a minute on your absense. Of course, that minute will be the one right as you are dropping her off and she may cry, but once you walk out that door it won't last much longer. SHe is going to be fine and so are you. Just be strong. It is so tempting to pick them up and go home the first couple times they cry. Good Luck!!
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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 4:29pm
My kids have both been in daycare since they were very little and my mother-in-law owns two daycares in the state where she lives, so I hear and see all sorts of situations...From our experience, the best thing to do is to go ahead and start him full-time. Just go into knowing that he may have a few hard days dealing with the change. I promise you, it will pass. Sometimes the part-time thing confuses them and makes it even harder for them on the days they go to daycare. You can send a picture of you and dh for him to look at if he starts missing you, make a "kiss" with your lipstick on a piece of paper for him to keep in his pocket, etc. to help with the change. I think everything will be fine. Especially since he has dealt so well with the days he has visited so far.

Hope this helps and good luck! Let us know what you decide!


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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 4:35pm

Thanx for the replys!

I do believe the hardest part of returning to work is me feeling

guilty of leaving him in dc. The dc seems to be a very nice place and

Ryan enjoys the activities, like circle time and craft time.

I keep telling myself there are a lot of kids in dc full time and are

doing just fine. I just hope the new routine will be smooth and I

pray my little angel boy is happy and well cared for.

Thanx again...I need all the positive support I can get!

Michelle K.