Breastfeeding Baby Doll?

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Breastfeeding Baby Doll?
Tue, 07-19-2011 - 8:03am

Sure, we’ve had dolls that eat, pee and even poop. But now Berjuan Toys’ “Breast Milk Baby,” a doll that lets little girls (and boys) learn about breastfeeding, is coming to a toy store near you.

In a press release yesterday, Alicante, Spain-based Berjuan Toys announced their commitment to bring their Breast Milk Baby doll Stateside after it sold well overseas. The company has generated more than $2 million in sales since the dolls were first released in Spain four years ago.

What an idea!

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Tue, 07-19-2011 - 8:31am
I breastfed until my daughter turned 2, she has never used a bottle herself. She has only ONCE to my knowledge witnessed a baby being bottle fed. ONCE. And yet she will, unprompted, pick up a toy bottle and bottle feed a baby doll. I never showed her that, I honestly have no idea where she got it from when all of my friends breastfed past the age of one and she has watched countless hours of breastfeeding in addition to her own time at the breast (which was recent enough that she has a clear memory).

I think the breastfeeding babydoll is fine enough, and I would put myself in the fan-club just because it upsets me that there is any controversy at all about something like this, but I wouldn't waste my money because my daughter is well aware that she has boobies of her own (smaller than mama's...) and if she wanted to pretend to breastfeed her baby doll, she could without any extra bits and bobs.

I am a little bit hurt that my daughter prefers to "pretend bottle feed" when we both enjoyed nursing for so long. I don't have any doll-bottles so I don't have to watch her do it at home, but inevitably when we visit other people, she'll sniff out the baby bottle and bottle-feed anything she can get her hands on. Ridiculous! That's the payback I get for being a breastfeeding nazi! ;)
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Tue, 07-19-2011 - 9:57am
I completely agree. My son role plays nursing too and we have a similar yet he insists my newborn "needs a bottle to eat". Wth??? I have no objections to this doll but I probably wouldn't buy it. Breastfeeding needs to become as widely known and normal as bottle feeding and if this doll helps to do that then it is a positive thing!