The Crazy Things Our Kids Say...

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The Crazy Things Our Kids Say...
Thu, 12-02-2010 - 8:25am

What crazy/silly/funny things have your children said in the past that made you laugh (or cringe!)?

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Sat, 01-22-2011 - 1:19pm

Our 2 yr old daughter in day care was at school for Martin Luther King Day the teachers asked each of the preschoolers she is in Pre school 1 what is their wish the boys said the usual they want to be an Astronaut Superman Cowboy the girls wanted a toy or TV what did our daughter want she told the teacher " I wish to have a sticker for being a good Daddy's BOO BOO " LOL we all laughed over that and when the teacher asked her do you want a toy or TV she looked at them confuse and said " I have toys and a TV

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Sat, 01-22-2011 - 5:32pm
When my DD was 2 we took her to the airport to pick up my elderly aunt. We had to got to the gate. After a freak out at security she was fine. There was nobody else there, except an airline worker. And my aunts plane was 2 hrs late.

The lady starts talking to my DD. Asking her age, name, and about her siblinga. She responded well. Told her her name was lilly, she was 2, and that we were waiting for her auntie and brother to get off the plane. Then went to say that her brother is bigger, and that his name is Fred and he was staying with my aunt. The lady kept talking to her and Lilly just went on and on about Fred and what he liked to do. Probably for a good 10- 15 minutes.

Here's the thing. She is an only child.


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Mon, 01-24-2011 - 2:07pm

This one had me laughing every time I thought about it...