Dealing with temper tantrums

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Dealing with temper tantrums
Wed, 10-23-2013 - 9:41am

As most parents know, even the sweetest, calmest, loving children can, with a snap of the fingers, turn into Linda Blair-Exorcist devil spawn. You know, when a fit goes from whimpers to tears to full-on irrational meltdown that’s, yes, annoying, but mostly makes you laugh so hard you cry.

That’s what happened to this family. In a viral YouTube video titled “40-Year-Old Tantrum” that’s garnered more than 1.1 million views, a dad takes a stab at lightening the mood caused by an hour of listening to his 6-year-olddaughter throwing a fit in her room by lip-synching along with the screams.

Oh boy.  It can be hard to keep a sense of humor when your child is in the middle of a tantrum.  At least watching this gives you a bit of comic relief!  How do you deal with epic meltdowns from your 2-3 yr old?