Have Your Parents Been Disappointing Grandparents?

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Have Your Parents Been Disappointing Grandparents?
Wed, 10-13-2010 - 8:08am

Have Your Parents Been Disappointing Grandparents? How Did You Handle It?

Sometimes our parents -- no matter how great they were when we were kids -- are less-than-wonderful grandparents. Maybe they slack off when they're watching our kids. Or they constantly criticize our parenting decisions. Or they're absentee -- not even visiting their grandchildren! Have you experienced grandparent behavior like this? If so, how did you handle it? And what's your best advice for other moms going through the same thing?

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this was going to be a pretty lengthy answer, but does everyone REALLY need to know how abusive my parents were BEFORE i had the baby?

i cut off connections with my father.

and, a lot of the time, with my mother.

my mother's constanylt tearing me down, because it's like a sport to her. "arica doesn't fight back, so she's a prefect target for my self-loathing" would sum it up, i guess.

however, when Dh is there she's about as nice as she can be. that's because dh fights back.

anyway, ever since i got pregnant, she's been bashing me, motly over the phone or when she gets me alone. she addresses her "fears" that dh would be an inadequate parent to our child. (funny, because at least he holds her and plays with her. my mother wasn't there for me. only my brother. yes, i'm still resentful. can you blame me?

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My parents passed before I had kids. DH is really disappointed in his parents. His parents like to look at the kids but they don't talk to them or play with them its really weird. His parents