Help! 2 yo daughter doesn't stay asleep

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Help! 2 yo daughter doesn't stay asleep
Wed, 10-12-2011 - 12:32pm

At times, she will go to bed on her own- go to sleep and not stay asleep.

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Wed, 10-12-2011 - 3:14pm
Well, first and foremost... I don't think you're wrong for bringing her to bed's not the best habit to get into, but trust me, moms get desperate and need sleep!

Now, I actually do have a few suggestions.

1) Figure out why she's waking up. does she have a diaper need at that time? Maybe it's time to consider potty training - she might be waking herself up needing to go to the bathroom, but not being able to! Maybe there's a neighbor who's going to work then, or a dog that barks at something at that time.

2) Keep the lights OFF. Use a nightlight if you have to, but you want to stimulate her as LITTLE as possible.

3) Do NOT talk to her.Talking is interacting, and interacting is attention.

4) Crying it out is not "leaving them to scream for hours." If a baby is crying... they have a reason, even if it's just "I'm scared." Try going in every so often, laying her down, patting her back, and then walking a bit away.v NO TALKING! No lights.

She'll go to sleep with you on the floor, so it's time to start moving away in increments so she gets used to being further away from her.

5) Make exceptions when she's sick. It's okay to baby her when she's not feeling well!

Remember that you are training her... she knows that if she cries long enough, she gets mommy snuggles in bed. ;) It IS heartbreaking when they cry... but remember she's 2...not 6 months old!

I tried the No Cry Sleep Solution with my oldest, and while I didn't use everything in the book, it really taught me about sleep, and what kids need. Try checking that out... I think there's a version for older kids, too?
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Thu, 10-13-2011 - 3:56pm
Thank you so much for the suggestions!! Potty training is in the works :) I do keep a humidifier on nightly- mainly for the white noise! ... I have her on the floor w/ me in the living room to go to sleep- but last night (of course when I "tattle" on her- lol) she went to bed on her own, went to sleep, and slept all night!!! I think she has ME trained!!! LOL I just have to know there is hope- and that I can sleep too! Also, I don't know what her dad does w/ her sleeping - we are not together so she visits him every other weekend. All I can do is have a routine at my home and stick w/ it! Thanks again!!