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Tue, 08-16-2011 - 11:28am

Although I have a 3 yo, I still have no idea what toys he'd like other than what he has.

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Tue, 08-16-2011 - 2:48pm
Both of my kids (3 1/2 and 20 mths), love the Fisher Price iXl. There are learning games and music and can decorate pictures. It is so much fun for both of them. There are so many different cartridges you can buy for it and there is probably a Cars one. While I have girls, they still love it. They also like any type of dress up, craft projects and reading. They also love the game Gifaffe a laugh and Uno Moo!
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Wed, 08-17-2011 - 10:20am
My son is really into make believe right now so I'm hoping to get him a few things to encourage that. I'm hoping to get some play food (and maybe a small kitchen?) as well as some dress up clothes (he really likes cowboys right now so it will probably be along those lines).

Also, he's started to develop a love of puzzles so I'll get him some more age appropriate ones. I was just thinking about some things to encourage fine motor skills too- lacing beads or boards as well as blocks and peg boards. He just loves Duplo LEGOs too, so we may go that route as well.

Good luck deciding! I always spend way too much time worrying about gifts for Christmas (and he has a birthday a few weeks before too) but he's so easy and just loves about everything!

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Thu, 08-18-2011 - 11:44am
My son is 3 and he loves all the usual stuff, legos, cars (he is currently playing with about 50 matchbox cars as we speak), & play dough.

Some things he really loves that aren't the things you usually see in Target - Tangrams. He will sit for a long time making different shapes using his tangrams. He sometimes follows the shapes on the boards, but mostly he likes to organize them himself and make various things.

Playmobil stuff. He has a playmobil car he can take apart that he absolutely loves, he also has a bunch of playmobil people and bunnies that he plays with all the time (mostly the bunnies). He really likes taking the car apart though - it does have small parts (teeny hubcaps) but somehow he manages to keep track of them all.

Also, my son doesn't have one yet, but he really loves the automoblox cars. This year I think we'll get him some for Christmas since he always gravitates toward them.
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Fri, 08-19-2011 - 3:14pm
What's an automoblox car? I've never heard of a playmobil car you can take a part but I'm very interested for my 3 year old!
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Tue, 08-23-2011 - 11:05am
I hadn't ever heard of automoblox cars either so I had to look them up. Here's what I found:

They look really fun!