How to end parent in bdrm for comfort?

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How to end parent in bdrm for comfort?
Wed, 01-20-2010 - 10:29pm

Hi ladies - this sounds really stupid, but anyone got any solutions to this other than CIO?

I went away on business a few weeks back and DH thought it would be cute to put DD in our bed at night...a place she has never sleep before. Immediately after I came back she got sick, so more sleep in our bed and guessed it, no interest in the crib.
I put my foot down and mentally armed myself for a round of CIO. Except she flung herself out of her crib. Twice. Terrific - couldn't put her back in the crib, and we didn't yet have a bed for her.

The bed has come, is assembled (with her help) and DH heroically just plopped her into it Saturday night and slept on the floor to help her transition. She only got up once the first night. After 3 nights - last night DH - left her room and slept in our bed. Great right?

Tonight he told her she's sleeping in her own room but we'll be nearby. Tears. Protest. We couldn't take it and told her he'd stay again.

So, apart from just doing it - leaving the room - and leaving her to cry, possibly get up, etc. is there any way we can make this transition smoother? I want my adult time back!


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Fri, 01-22-2010 - 9:20am
Nope- You'll just have to suck up a crying fit...
Odds are that a Stuffed Animal may suffice to make her happy...
You'll just have to tell her firmly that she is a big girl and big girls sleep in their own beds without their fathers on the floor...
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Mon, 01-25-2010 - 3:55pm

We did it gradually. I don't believe in CIO. My son co slept until about 10 months. Now I realize that this is a slightly different situation, but why not start the bed in your room and gradually easy it out, little by little? That's what we did, in a pack n play. If he'd fuss, we'd stop at that place for a few nights.

I don't know, it worked for us and we didn't have to use CIO.