need help..schooling?

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need help..schooling?
Sun, 03-07-2010 - 3:58am

i am copying my post from aug 2007 beach babies.

hi everyone,
i havent visited this board in a long time, but now for help i came here because no one would be more appropriate to ask than you guys!
We plan on sending our daughter to SOME good school/montessori/academy/whatever when she turns 3, in august. But i have no idea how to look for it. I dont know what options i have. Whats the difference between montessori /academy/private schools?
i live in chicago, and were originally planning on moving to suburbs with good neighbourhood, but it seems as if we are stuck in this area for at least another year or two.
I am searching online, but not much help, as there are just so many. Word of mouth is the best but i dont have acquaintances who would know!
Any help?

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Sun, 03-07-2010 - 1:16pm

i don't live in the US but i did a quick google search and found this link... didn't look through it but it seemed ok:

i would drive around your area and look for schools about 10mins away. what i did was i waited in the parking lot until school was out and then asked some parents what they thought of the school, how their kids liked it, what they thought of the teachers/school programs etc. word of mouth and parent feedback are the #1 deciding factors - at least for me.

the way it works in toronto, canada is that not all schools are 'true montessori' - meaning, some schools have just addded the "montessori" name to it so they can charge more. accredited toronto montessoris are government-regulated and the top schools are audited every year by the provincial government. basically, they have to have an 'open book' policy so they must be kept up to par in case of any suprise audits.

i would look for schools in your area such as those and stay away from those who just label themselves as 'montessori'.

as you're looking for a school, go on the internet and search for questions that you should ask the school's director/principal. things like their screening process for teachers (ie. if they do criminal background checks - you never know!!), programs for kids, how often they update their programs, illness policy, teach turn-around (indicates how happy the staff are - the happer the staff, the better it is for your kids!), teacher certifications (what degrees/certifications they must possess, how often they need to be re-certified), how often they hire interns/seasonal employees and what certificaitons do they require of such employess/if they are left alone with a classroom or is there always a 'supervisor' in the room with interns etc.

those are just some questions that i asked. i had a whole bunch of questions and just went down the list.

GL and HTH!



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Mon, 03-08-2010 - 4:39pm

The best thing you can do is pick a few and go tour them. They should all be able to give you folders of information about their curriculum - and then you can look over it all and make a decision.

Good luck!

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